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You bought a small camper and shortly realized that you love the camping lifestyle. You love that getaway every weekend in the summer and it makes you feel free. You enjoyed the small camper size, but now it's time to trade up. That's when it's time to visit Riverside Camping Center in New Bern, your one-stop shop for all things camping. Stop in today, or shop our website to find the camper the best fits your needs! Even if your motorhome is a little beaten up, we will still work to help get you into your dream RV.

Please use the scale below to place a grade on your current trade in. This scale in no way reflects the actual trade in value after inspection, but a loose ranking chosen by you according to the criteria listed.

Click the "Trade In" icon to fill out a form online, or stop by today!

"A" = Excellent (80+)

  • Minimal repairs (detail repair report required.)
  • Clean appliances, interior, and upholstery
  • Tires in excellent condition
  • Structural integrity (no foreign welds or patches)

"B" = Good (61-80)

  • Fuse box & wiring clean
  • Fair amount of repairs
  • Proof of regular maintenance
  • Wheel bearings in good condition

"C" = Moderate (60-)

  • Faded decals
  • Bubbled laminate
  • Evidence of leaks
  • Stains in interior