Exploring the Many Classes and Models of RVs

Jan 31, 2017 Riverside Camping Center Comments Disabled

The weather has finally started to get cooler in North Carolina, making the possibility of camping difficult unless you own a camper or an RV. On top of cooler weather approaching, the end of the year usually means sales on those 2016 models such as a 2016 Gulfstream Vista Travel or a 2016 Thor Quantum, making it a great time to find camper sales NC.  Whether you are a family of six or just a couple interested in traveling the country, there are options to fit your needs! Below, the different types of campers and how they might fit into your lifestyle are discussed. First we will cover the classes of campers:

  • Class A camper: The most luxurious of the RVs, these are often built on a bus chassis and can be up to 45 feet long. They provide a large amount of living space and are equipped with many amenities.
  • Class B camper: These RVs are the smallest of the three and resemble a cargo van, making the space inside very small but work well to provide your simple needs such as a place to sleep.
  • Class C camper: The class C campers are denoted by the vehicles that have a cab extended over the top of the driving portion of the RV. This is most commonly where the sleeping quarters are found. These campers have your basic amenities and can easily sleep 6 people.

Next we will discuss the different models:

  • Fifth wheel: This type of camper simply hooks onto the back of a full-size truck using a goose-neck hitch. These campers are ideal for those interested in weekend getaways. The con to a fifth-wheel camper is the need for a truck with a towing package.
  • Motorhome: A motorhome can be defined as a recreational vehicle fully equipped for living, with a kitchen, beds, and a bath. This is the ideal vehicle to provide comfort for road trips and longer travel.
  • Truck trailer: Similar to a fifth-wheel, these campers require the use of a full-size truck because they sit directly in the bed of a truck. It is on the smaller side of campers.
  • Toyhauler: These types of motorhomes are equipped with an on-vehicle garage to allow adequate storage for all of your golf carts, ATVs, and more! They are designed to still provide space when parked at a campground through the use of folding/moveable furniture.
  • Pop up camper: This type of camper is also towed behind a truck but is easily stored because it collapses, making it very compact. They range in size, making this an ideal choice for a family!

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